Monday, May 17, 2010

Ninja Training

So today was a crazzzy day. Started out decent enough, didn't get much sleep last night and had a weird dream, but still decent enough start. Did a few things around the house and then had a fight with my mother (what else is new). Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that I finally got to watch Ninja Assassin, it was AMAZING! Then my day got improved again because I've decided that my boyfriend is the coolest nerd ever. In his six years of karate it turns out he learned how to use nunchuks.... o.O! He looked so cool doing it too! Anyway, he's been teaching me a little MMA here and there with some self defense and he's taught me a few karate stances, but tonight was by far the coolest thing he's ever taught me. Granted I've got a decent welt on my elbow (and I hit myself in the head), but I started learning the basics of nunchuks and it is VERY exciting. I was joking with him that I'd probably be the clumsiest ninja ever, my clan would be attacking somewhere and I would trip and fall and give us away lol. He said he gives me three months until I can handle them properly, it took him four. We'll have to see how much perseverance and patience I have. I'll keep you posted.

For now I'm off to bed, hopefully I'll get some decent sleep tonight.

- Crash

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