Tuesday, June 1, 2010

View from the bottom

Well this has been an interesting week, :sigh:. Where do I begin? So during one of my oh so frequent fights with my mother, she decided to hit me, so I did what any angsty daughter does... I posted my anger on facebook. Well it turns out someone told my mother about my desire to "break her arms" so she wouldn't hit me. Turns out my mother didn't take very kindly to that. Her reaction was to, I dunno, kick my ass out. -_- I wouldn't mind it so much if I only had one of those, what are they called? Oh yeah, a real job. On top of that, it wasn't so much the getting kicked out so much as the barrage I received verbally from my grandmother who proceeded to call me a monster and a prostitute and tell me that I'm a horrible person who my mother has had the displeasure of having to suffer with since the day I was born because of what a wonderful person she is. I was also told how lucky I was to be born of my mother and not of my grandmother or else I would have been beaten every day of my life since I was born so I would know what was good... call me crazy, but maybe that's where things went wrong in the first place. I'd also like to mention that my crazy ass family actually believes my mother when she says I elbowed her across the face and broke her earring... yeah because that's what everyone calls it when someone puts their arms in front of their face to not get punched...

Now I have 36 days to not only find a decent job, but find a place to live and a way to survive... we'll see how this goes. I'll keep you posted readers.

Wish me luck!
- Crash