Friday, January 21, 2011

Maybe I did get kidnapped... just kidding

You would think that by the title and contents of my last post I might actually have posted soon thereafter... of course not. Life has been so hectic and so much has happened. With school starting next week I thought I might try to get one blog post in before I go back to not having time (or having less of it rather.) I believe in my last post I was still working at the cafe and I was absolutely miserable there, save for the company of one person. Now however I am working at Victoria's Secret and I'm in love with it. The job is phenomenal, the people are great, the hours are pretty good, I couldn't ask for more! It's been great! Although, I did have one incident of a woman threatening to hit me... other than that, I haven't had a bad day yet!

This new job leads me into my new year's resolution, 2011 edition. Every year people say they're going to go to the gym, eat better, quit a bad habit, etc. I had determined before Christmas that I wanted to go the gym and I'm already back into better eating habits and I couldn't really think of a good resolution. About a week and a half into January, it dawned on me. I am going to have all of my debt paid off by June. It's doable, yes it will be difficult and I will have to be more frugal and mindful of my money, but it's a good lesson to myself. I'm also trying to have a savings goal. I have a giant bottle in which I save my change, and by estimate when it's full it's between $200-300 which is pretty damn good for change! Just before new years I emptied it and deposited it with the goal to have it full by June and then again by December. If I can manage that on top of the money I'm having myself deposit weekly, then by the end of the year I could have as much as $1000 extra in my savings. This might not sound like a lot to some, but considering how hard times are and how little I make it would be a nice bonus. I really am hoping Greg and I can take a small vacation this year, I know we could both use it. There are other things I'm saving for too though...

So what is everyone's resolutions?

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