Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No, I didn't get kidnapped

So even though I'm writing this while completely exhausted and already laying in bed, I decided I haven't been very good about keeping up with my blog so why not jot down a quick entry.

It's been an interesting summer I must say...

I suppose I should do this chronologically (as best as I can recall)
After getting kicked out, my boyfriend and I looked for several places to live, and even found a few we liked. I even got offers to stay with people while I found a place, but I couldn't do that. Truth is, I never left. That's right, after all my bitching and moaning, here I am, in the same bedroom as when I wrote my last post. Though I know it may be anticlimactic to think that after my fight for my right to speak my mind, I'm sitting here accepting the way things are, truth is, I'm not. Nope, I'm still looking for a place and so is he. We even started looking at foreclosed homes and land for sale. That's right, in the face of adversity, we're looking to go above and beyond to better things. Excelsior! (Sorry, just got to see Stan Lee)

So my mother and I had a lengthy conversation and I've decided to stay here for a while. She thinks I'm staying until the end of college, but I'm just staying until my bills are paid and I have enough money aside to move out.

Speaking of college, I'm about to go back at the end of this week and the summer could not have gone by any faster :( I only got to go to the beach once or twice, though I'm hoping to go tomorrow. I worked Monday to Friday day shifts every day all summer and still didn't get ahead on my bills :( The job (I won't mention where) is completely stressful and I've actually cried a few times. I get screamed and sworn at for minor things and it isn't worth it. I'm looking at a new (less stressful) job and I think the interview went well. I should know by the end of the week.

Spent quite a bit of the summer trying to fill up my school schedule for the fall, and guess what, with school starting in 3 days, I only just got my last class. Many of the courses I needed to take aren't being offered this year and so I have to wait even longer to graduate (those who know me, know I was supposed to graduate at the end of this year) and I'm not pleased. So now I'm taking random filler classes in order to stay full time. UMass needs to get themselves together. I'm sick of paying $10k a year just to pay them. This is ridiculous already.

In more ridiculous school news, I finally got a chance to check out a school I've been looking at since high school. I looked at two graduate programs and I'm thinking of doing the one I originally wanted back in the day. Their PA program has ridiculous standards and is a 3 year masters program... I might as well do the extra year somewhere else and then get a PhD...

School is frustrating.

Other news (for a quick blog post, this is getting quite lengthy)
After long debating dropping the cash, I purchased some expensive, bright cosmetics. They're great, don't get me wrong, it's just that afterwards I ended up reading some reviews and seeing some color swatches and realizing they were just repackaged... I won't mention any names...

So out of the bad came some good! I decided that hey, if this person can get away with repackaging and making a fortune, I could probably make a business out of making creative, but wearable blends. I won't reveal too much now because I'm still in the early phases, but I'm working on colors and lines at the moment and am hoping to start production as early as the beginning of next year. :D Super excited!

I'm looking for feedback from people of all age groups, styles, skin tones, everything!
What colors do you look for in eye makeup that are difficult to find or that you wish you could have?
Do you like a matte (flat color) or shimmery/shiny finish on your eye makeup?
Basically, tell me what you look for and want!

Well, I'm pretty exhausted, I shall have to finish the updates sometime soon.
For now, take care!

- Crash

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