Monday, March 14, 2011

Almost moved in?

Hey guys!
I have to start this out by saying I'm proud of myself for blogging twice in the same week! Hooray for better habits! Little shoutouts here at the beginning, today is Pi day for those of you who don't already know and also the birthday of a dear friend! It also would have been Einstein's birthday today, apt seeing as my friend is a genius too!
On to news. So after much wifely (is that a word?) ... persuading, I think we might actually get the apartment moved in! It's been 2 1/2 months, but I'll take it! A good friend of my mother's is also moving and is being EXTREMELY generous and giving us a ton of her old furniture. We're going to sand and stain some of it, but a few pieces are antique and I think they're going to look great in the apartment. It really is a lifesaver as anyone who's been through their first apartment can attest to. Another lifesaver is the fact that my boyfriend's father is buying the fridge! Thank the Gods! I seriously don't know how much shopping for one dinner I could do. It's very hard to be economical when you can only buy what you're making for dinner and you have to get rid of any leftovers. We haven't been able to buy any perishables or stock up on anything that's on sale since we haven't had a fridge to put things in, so this is going to be an amazing improvement.

We're both getting rid of a lot of old stuff, throwing away the unusable, donating what is and considering a Spring yard sale. If we have the yard sale we'll be able to use the money to get some new things for the apartment (which these days is looking kind of barren).

As we get the furniture and refurbish and decorate I'll try to take and post pictures.

Until next time, comment below with some of your stories about moving and getting your first place. What was it like and what are some helpful tips?

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